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Yeast beta glucan

Jan 22, 2018

  As a novel food ingredient, yeast beta glucan has the functions of immunomodulatory, anti-allergy, anti-infective, anti-radiation and anti-tumor and its source is also in line with the consumer's "natural", "nutritious," "healthy" Requirements, and gradually become the darling of the market and consumers.

Yeast β-glucan ushered in rapid development in 2017 and will once again achieve leapfrog development in 2018.

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Product Features:

Natural security: Yeast glucan is the main component of the yeast cell wall, completely extracted from the yeast.

High biological activity: Has a strong immune enhancement, anti-radiation, reduce blood lipid biological activity.

Application range:

A variety of foods, such as: meat products, dairy products, biscuits, beverages, fruit juice raw materials

Health food and pharmaceutical raw materials, to enhance immunity, anti-radiation, lipid regulation, adjuvant treatment of cancer

A variety of cosmetic raw materials, such as: shampoo, shower gel, mask, hand cream, hand sanitizer, facial cleanser, etc.

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