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Which products have the effect of improving menopause syndrome

Dec 07, 2017

Soy isoflavonhe: to improve menopausal syndrome. Prevent osteoporosis, regulate blood lipids, anti-cancer.

Red cover extract: to improve menopause syndrome, improve osteoporosis, anti-cancer.

Black cohosh extract improves menopausal syndrome, prevents arthritis, prevents osteoporosis, and reduces blood pressure.

Angelica extract (dong guai extract): anti-thrombosis, improve blood circulation, conditioning period, ease dysmenorrhea.

Kudzu root extract: to improve menopausal syndrome, protect the cardiovascular, antispasmodic effect.

Oryzanol: Stable mood, anti-anxiety, relieve menopausal syndrome.

alfalfa extract.jpg

Alfalfa extract: alters menopause syndrome and cholesterol.

Rosehip extract :beauty, detoxification, relieve menopause syndrome.

Flaxseed extract : regulates blood pressure and blood pressure, preventing menopausal syndrome

Vitamin E-like estrogen-like actions to improve menopausal syndrome

Bee pollen pellets extract: enhance immunity, anti-aging, protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, prevent menopausal syndrome.

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