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What separates Ginseng saponin Rh2 from Ganoderma spore powder?

Sep 02, 2021

Ginseng saponin Rh2 and Ganoderma spore powder are both Chinese medicine products , their use is to improve human immunity, especially for modern many people sub-healthy physique, they are good choices. So what's the choice between ginseng saponin Rh2 and Reishi spore powder? Which would be better? Or would it be more cost-effective?

To compare the them, we first have to look at their source and origin. Reishi spore powder , as the name implies, is from Reishi, it is generated by Reishi, when Reishi in the growth and maturity, it ejected from bacteria folds of the tiny egg-shaped reproductive cells, that is, Reishi seeds. Each Reishi spore is only 4-6 microns, a living organism, with a double-walled structure, surrounded by hard butyl cellulose. Ganoderma spore powder enhances the function of the immune system and improves physical fitness. 

Ginseng saponin Rh2

Ginseng saponin Rh2 comes from the ginseng that is the king of grass. ginseng and ganoderma lucidum play an equally important role in Chinese medicine books. Ginseng Rh2 is derived from ginseng, but its presence is only one in 100,000, which means it is quite rare. There is an old saying that it is precious when a thing is scarce , authentic high content Rh2 price can break through a thousand yuan in the market. of course, it is related to its rarity and high extraction techniques, but beyond that  its role that matters most. According to clinical studies, Rh2, a monosaccharide highly active molecule, can enhance the phagocytosis of the mesh endotropic system in normal mice and rhoma mice, it has significantly improved cellular immunity and body fluid immune function in normal mice and hooma mice. NK cells, interferon, and interleukin-2 (IL-2) in mouse spleen cells have an inducing effect, which can also stimulate antibody producting to stabilize the immune system, as is the case in people.


The second is to say absorption effect.

Although the efficacy of Reishi spore powder is no different from ginseng saponin Rh2, in the preparation process, the main active ingredients are easily oxidized with breaking walls, dewalling and other procedures. So some either has an outer wall, when into the human body, it is not easy to be absorbed, active ingredients are also lost.

Ginseng Rh2 is one of the most natural active components of more than 40 ginseng saponins isolated from ginseng, it is a monosaccharide chain structure, belonging to the stereoscopic type 20-(s) configuration, it belongs to the ginseng glycol group , saponin Rh2 has unique stability and efficiency, both in structure and molecular weight, the experiments have shown that Rh2, PPD, PPT, and drug activity in the human body can be detected in the blood after the population has taken ginseng total saponins. The premise is to enter the blood, of course, if the choice of more than 16%, then its biological utilization will reach the highest.

Now there are many ginseng saponin Rh2 products and Reishi spore powder, no matter which one we choose, we should select the formal channels, manufacturers, qualified, quality of formal products

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