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What kind of microalgae is rich in nervonic acid?

Nov 03, 2020

Microalgae is considered to be one of the most potential and sustainable oil biomass resources, but it has not achieved a breakthrough in industrialization so far. Recently, Li Fuli, a researcher at the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Processes, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his microbial resource team obtained a Mychonastes afer HSO-3 microalgae through screening of microalgae resources in nature, with a fat content of more than 57%. Nerve acid accounts for more than 6% of neutral lipids, which is the first time that a microalgae species rich in nervonic acid has been discovered in the world.

Nervonic acid, also known as shark acid, was first found in the nervous tissue of mammals. It has a high content in nerve tissue and brain tissue and is an important component of biofilm. Medical pharmacy studies have proved that the acid is a key factor in repairing nerve fibers, it has the function of restoring nerve ending activity, promoting nerve cell growth and development, it also has a good effect on cardiovascular and autoimmune deficiency diseases. Neuroic acid is a highly developed product because of its unique medical value and broad market prospects. However, with the gradual establishment of relevant regulations restricting the use of animal products, natural resources are restricted and far from meeting the demand.

Nervonic acid powder afer HSO-3 microalgae

Therefore, the discovery of microalgae is of great significance to the development and of nervonic acid market. At the same time, the algae also has the characteristics of high oil content, fast growth, and strong stress resistance. It is reported that Li Fuli's team has applied for related algae patents, studied the growth characteristics of the algae at the laboratory level, He established a 500 L laboratory plate-scale for cultivation and extraction process technology of the acid.

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