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What is the development market for carnosic acid?

Aug 19, 2020

The content of carnosic acid and carnosol in the extract was determined by RP-HPLC method. As the content of fomer increased, the scavenging rate of lipid free radicals also increased. The correlation coefficient between the two was 0.8614, which had a positive correlation. There is no correlation between clearance rate and carnosol content. Therefore, it can be determined that the main active component of the supercritical extract in scavenging lipid free radicals is carnosic acid, and carnosol plays a secondary role. Due to the low content of rosemary phenol, table rosemary phenol and isorosephenol in rosemary extract, no quantitative studies were carried out, but which does not indicate that the three did not contribute to the antioxidant activity of rosemary. Studies on the removal of various free radicals from monomer compounds show that all three are quite active, especially isocylith. Therefore, rosemary phenol, table rosemary phenol, isofrosephenol should also be an active ingredient in the antioxidant activity of rosemary.

Carnosic acid

Application prospects:

Carnosic acid is the main active ingredient of rosemary antioxidants approved for use in my country. As a fat-soluble natural antioxidant, it is far superior to synthetic antioxidants in terms of stabilizing oils and fats. It can be used in oil and fat-containing food, biomedicine, chemical industry, cosmetics and feed. In addition to preventing or delaying the oxidation of fat or oil-containing food, it can improve the stability of food and prolong the storage time of storage. It can also be used as meat And fish flavoring agent.

In Japan, rosemary extract is used in high-temperature fried foods to prevent oxidation effects and prevent light degradation after packaging, which can also be used in frozen foods to suppress fishy smell; In Europe, rosemary extract is also used to prevent oxidation of ham and sausage products. The new diluted flavor oil type product with rosemary extract added is very suitable for meat products. After years of research, Microherb has successfully separated high purity carnosic and rosmarinic acid with a content of more than 90% by using modern Chinese medicine extraction technology and advanced chromatographic separation technology. It is used in pharmacology, toxicology and Clinical application experimental research and widely used in medicine and health care and daily chemical industry.


Carnosic acid is a natural antioxidant ingredient extracted from the plant rosemary. As a raw material for skin care products, it has long been sold in European and American countries.

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