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What is the clinical efficacy of valerian extract?

Jul 22, 2020

Valerian is used for anti-spasmodic, sedative and sleep-assisted conditions: exertion, muscle pain, menstrual pain, bronchospasm, prolonged cough, tension headache, insomnia, nervous tension and lack of rest, anxiety and withdrawal of phenylmalonazole (diazepam). A German herb liquor preparation is recommended as a good daytime tranquilizer because it does not reduce activity time. Another German formulation, called Recvalysatum Burgerc, can be used for neurodebilitatal, agitation, anxiety and stress-related diseases.

They are also used as homeopathic drugs in Europe (diluted to 3 to 6 times) and are recommended for depression, agitation, lack of rest, lack of sleep, swelling and excessive libido.

It should be noted that Valerian may cause diuretic for some people, so for those who must urinate frequently at night, it is not suitable for sleep-assisted treatment with the herb.

It can also be used to treat arrhythmias, anorexia, tremor, gastrointestinal discomfort, chronic dyspepsia, gastric colic, hernia, dysentery and swelling (especially caused by overwork or physical labor, coffee, tobacco and alcohol). It can also treat Parkinson's disease, menstrual hyperexcitability, bed-wetting and Ascaris in children.

Valerian Extract

Application of Valerian Extract

Its extracts are widely used all over the world. Belgium uses its underground powder and extract tinctures as traditional sedatives, Canada uses OTC traditional herbs to help insomnia, Switzerland uses roots as teas or tinctures, and Sweden serves as Natural products are also listed as medicines; In the former Soviet Union, there are 24 its plants for medicinal purposes; in the German committee E agreed to be used as over-the-counter drugs, 57 its patent medicines have been marketed as sedatives (including single and compound prescriptions);

Approved as an OTC drug in the United States in 1994. As a food supplement, the amount of valerian preparations currently ranks fourth among various traditional Chinese medicine preparations. In recent years, its sales volume ranks among the top 20. The valerin components in our country are made into a mild sedative medicine Valmane and tincture.

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