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What is artificial planting (linxiashen, garden ginseng)?

Nov 12, 2021

In the article that ginseng can be used for food, the full name of ginseng is ginseng (artificial planting), so what is artificial planting?

artificial planting ginseng

Linxiashen: according to the excavation amount of ginseng in China, The large ginseng will be dug up one day. In order to make a living, mountain farmers had to transplant the remaining seedlings in the mountain to a unified place for cultivation, which was the early "linxiashen". It can be seen from the name that ginseng was still cultivated in the wild at this time.

Garden ginseng: later, in order to manage these "linxiashen" more conveniently and effectively, ginseng farmers transplanted it into the garden around the mountain grass house for cultivation, In this way, these farmers can make more effective use of their time, rather than spend their precious time on the way back and forth. With the possibility of ginseng cultivation in the garden, the early "garden ginseng" appeared, that is, "artificial planting" ginseng.

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