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What Are the Medicinal Value of Celery Extract Powder?

Mar 04, 2020

The medicinal values of celery extract powder are rich in various trace element. Many pharmacologically active ingredients in celery that have been confirmed by experimental research, which make it have good medicinal value.

celery extract

The main pharmacologically active ingredients of celery

The main active ingredients of celery includes flavonoids, volatile oil compounds, unsaturated fatty acids, chlorophyll, terpenoids, and coumarin derivatives.

The volatile oil compounds and unsaturated fatty acids are mostly concentrated in celery seeds. 32 compounds including a-separene and β-separene were identified by celery seed supercritical 02 fluid extraction method and water vapor distillation method.

Six carbonyl compounds - a-pinene and β-pinene, two terpene - alcohols and verbenone were detected in the aroma of free celery by the -glucosidase hydrolysis method. And in the aroma of free celery at the same time, seven kinds of phthalophthalic compounds such as 3-butylphthalide were found.

celery extract powder

Celery extract powder can promote blood circulation, expectoration and so on. External administration can expand blood vessels and increase permeability ". Chlorophyll has anti-gene mutations, promotes wound healing, enhances the anti-allergic ability of people with sensitive constitutions, and reduces cholesterol and other effects. The celery seed oil contains monocyclic compounds, which have a sedative effect. It also has a curative effect on patients with insomnia and neurasthenia, which can reduce blood pressure, and has strong anti-cancer activity.

The flavonoids in celery include flavonoids and their derivatives, which have good pharmacological activity. At present, researchers have accumulated a lot of experience in its extraction and medicinal fields.

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