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What are the main applications of cinnamon acid?

Sep 16, 2020

In fact, there are a variety of chemical products in life, the main raw materials of these chemical products are some chemical elements, these materials can be made into a new product to meet our lives, it can make our lives more happy, Next, what are the main applications of Carnosic acid?

First of all, it can be applied in medicine, in medicine, the use of cinnamon acid can treat coronary heart disease, it can also kill bacteria and viruses in the body, it can also be made into anesthetics, anti-hemostic drugs and other drugs, effective treatment of diseases in the body, For middle-aged and elderly people, the use of drugs to add cinnamon acid, but also can treat important atherosclerosis and coronary atherosclerosis and other diseases, for cancer cells ,they have a significant inhibitory effect. Second, it can be applied in beauty, it can inhibit melanin precipitation, prevent the production of chromosomal freckles, and have a certain isolation effect on ultraviolet light, it makes the spots on the face added light, or even disappear in many sunscreen will add cinnamon acid. It can also make the spots on the face lighter or even disappear. Carnosic acid is added to many sunscreens.

carnosic acid

In addition, Carnosic acid also has the effect of preserving fragrance ,it can be used as a fragrance. Finally, it is used to make propolis. In life, it is believed that many consumers will take propolis to supplement the nutrient elements required by various organs. Adding hot silicic acid during the preparation of the propolis can increase the preservation time of the propolis. It can strengthen one's own immunity and resistance after taking it, effectively resist the occurrence of diseases, For people who sit in front of the computer for a long time, it can also eliminate fatigue and improve work and study efficiency.

there are many applications ,In life, it is also added to some products, such as wine and various liquors.

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