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What Are the Benifits of Lutein Extract?

Feb 25, 2020

Lutein is a hot product in the health product market in recent years. Lutein extract is extracted from a variety of plants. It is a beneficial nutrient component for the human body. It is said that it is an important pigment that forms the macular area of the human retina. The following are the detailed introductions to the efficacy of lutein and the side effects of lutein. 


◆ Enhance the body's antioxidant capacity

It is a nutrient necessary for normal metabolism of the human body and a powerful antioxidant. As long as the body absorbs an appropriate amount of lutein, which can enhance the body's antioxidant capacity and prevent the body's cells from aging. It can prevent the function of various organs from declining, which is of great benefit to maintaining human health. Frequent lutein supplementation can keep the human body in a young state.

◆ Prevent cancer

After being absorbed by the body, lutein extract can enhance the activity of various tissues and organs of the human body, improve their antioxidant capacity, and prevent free radicals from harming these cells, prevent them from genetic mutations, and to a certain extent can reduce the body.

◆ Protect your eyes

Lutein is an important existence that protects the human eye. This substance can prevent blue light from causing damage to the human retina, and can promote the development of the retina, prevent vision loss, and allow human eyes to see a clearer world. Supplementing a certain amount of lutein can also improve human retinal function and prevent retinopathy, and has a good preventive effect on retinal pigment degeneration and macular degeneration that are high in modern humans.

lutein for eye

The main pigment components of the retina: The vegetable, fruit, plant, flower and other pigment components contains lutein. They are the main pigment in the macular region of the human eye. Human eyes contain high amounts of lutein, and this element cannot be produced by the human body, so you must take lutein to supplement it. Otherwise your eyes can cause blindness.

Protect the eyes from light damage, delay the aging of the eyes and prevent pathological changes. Ultraviolet rays and blue light in the sun will enter the eyes to generate a large number of free radicals, leading to cataracts, macular degeneration, and even cancer. Ultraviolet light is generally filtered by the cornea and the lens, but blue light can penetrate the eyeballs directly to the retina and the macula. Lutein in the macula can filter out blue light to prevent blue light from damaging the eyes. The outer layer of fat in the macula is particularly susceptible to oxidative damage from sunlight, so this area is prone to degradation.


◆ Prevention of myopia and night blindness

Supplementing some lutein extract to the human body can prevent the occurrence of myopia. It can improve the function of the optic nerve, alleviate the fatigue of dry eyes and astringent eyes, and can enhance the function of the retina. In addition, after an appropriate amount of lutein is added to the human body, people's ability to do things in the dark will be significantly improved, and the incidence of night blindness will be greatly reduced.

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