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What Are the Benifits of Boswelia Serrata Extract Powder​?

Mar 30, 2020

Boswelia Serrata is a resin derived from the Indian Frankincense plant. The history of this herb in medicine is long, It recoreded in Ayurvedic therapy and traditional African medicine. Boswelia serrata extract powder has been studied for its effects on arthritis pain and Functional effects. 

According to the Natural Medicines Database, it has been rated as likely to be effective in treating knee osteoarthritis and ulcerative colitis. Frankincense supplements have also been enhanced for anti-aging effects, skin health, brain health, etc. In addition, resin oils and extracts are used in cosmetics, soaps, foods and beverages.


Boswelia serrata extract

In laboratory analysis, Boswelia serrata extract powder was found to contain boswellic acid. This is what scientists believe is responsible for its biological activity. In animal tests, boswellic acid inhibits an enzyme that causes inflammation. In vitro studies, it also Causes cancer cells to replicate more slowly and also causes some cancer cells to die.

Frankincense is unlike other anti-inflammatory substances because it does not seem to reduce pain or fever in laboratory animals. Frankincense can be found in a large number of forms. Many different supplement capsule or soft capsule forms are available. Some contain just frankincense, others People provide other herbs and minerals in combination with resin.


Boswelia serrata extract powder in a large number of topical ointments which are used for joint pain or as an anti-aging treatment. Resin can also be purchased in the form of an extract or as a raw material, either in a lump called "tears" or crushed into powder.

Boswellia serrata crab plant extracts have also been extensively studied in Boswellia arthritis. In one study, taking a combination of mastic and turmeric three times a day, eggplant and zinc showed improvements in pain, stiffness and grip. However, in another One study of Frankincense combined with ginger, turmeric and ashwangandha, patients did not see significant effects. Clinical trials support the use boswelia serrata extract to treat ulcerative colitis. Two clinical trials have shown that it can help improve the symptoms of ulcerative colitis.

Initial research on frankincense has shown that it can help reduce the frequency of pain and cluster headaches, although more research is needed.

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