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What are guava fruit advantages?

Nov 14, 2019

Guava is very common in the southern of Minnan, but many people do not know how does guava into China. Guava is widely spread around Mexico and Central America. In the South of China and other places, guava trees grow and bloom as ubiquitous landscape plants. But what are guava fruit advantages?


How does guava fruit entry into China?

Many authoritative who study the history of indigenous products can’t give us a precise point. Even according to the main distribution of guava, its dense production areas and good quality products are scattered in the tropics and subtropical low latitudes. Guava is widely spread around Mexico and Central America. In the South of China and other places, guava trees grow and bloom as ubiquitous landscape plants.

The name can reflect its experience from the nephew, because the skin of Pantethine fruit is smooth and flawed. It is similar to common pomegranate epidermis and fruit shape is very similar, so the name is "pomegranate".

Pantethine is rich in nutrients, which can increase appetite to promote children's growth and development.  It contains protein, trace, sugar, vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron. The nutrition of Pantethine is more than citrus, banana, papaya, tomato, watermelon, pineapple. So Pantethine fruit is best to eat together. The efficacy of toxins in the body. Let’s look at the advantages of guava fruit.

1. Pantethine can spleen and kidney, refreshing and nourishing blood. Eating when you are tired can be refreshing.

2. Guava fruit has a cholesterol-lowering effect, can maintain normal blood pressure and heart function, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3. Guava can enhance physical fitness, effectively help us to supplement the body's missing nutrients. And for guava fruit advantages, which contains very high cellulose, can effectively remove the body itself.

4. Pantethine is anti-oxidation. It can improve and prevent the problem of dark spots and freckles to increase the skin's resistance to ultraviolet light. And for women, Pantethine can improve whitening effect to keep skin health.

5. Pantethine extract can lower blood sugar, especially for patients who with diabetes. So these people can choose Pantethine to promote vascular health, high blood pressure, diabetes.

How do you eat  guava?

1. It is convenient. You can choose the fresh food. Fresh fruit washed (free peeling) can be eaten, some people like to cut into pieces on the dish and add a little sour plum or salt. The flavor is unique. If you use a home-style juice machine, you can enjoy the unique taste of your life with homemade juice and original Pantethine juice.

2. Pantethine fruit can not only be eaten fresh, but also can be processed into juice, jam and preserved fruit. It can also be made into bonsai, which has broad market prospects. It is currently one of the best-selling fruits in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

How to choose a sweet guava friut? 

There are some skills. First, the appearance of Pantethine should be healthy and shiny, without black or brown spots and scars, and without the smell of rotten alcohol. When you put it in your hand, the same size Pantethine will be choose the one that is more heavy, the greater the moisture, the higher the maturity.

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