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What Are Effects of Celery Extract Powder?

May 09, 2020

Celery extract powder is extracted from celery. And what are other benifits?

Celery Extract Powder

◆ Cooling blood to stop bleeding

Animal experiments show that it can shorten the clotting time, and celery seed extract has a contracting effect on the pregnant uterus, so it has a good effect on chronic liver disease nose bleeding, gum bleeding, menstrual bleeding and other bleeding. "Illustrated Book of Chinese Medicine Plant" contains its "treatment of urinary bleeding". Take 150 grams each of celery and fresh lotus root, stir fry in oil pan for a while, add water to cook, and consume it daily. It can help treat various chronic bleeding.

Assisted contraception

The ancient Greek monks had the rule of fasting celery. The researchers found that celery extract powder is rich in zinc and has a sexual excitement effect. Take 200 grams of celery, 1 egg, 100 ml of milk and 10 ml of honey. First squeeze the celery juice, dissolve the eggs into the milk, add the celery juice, add honey, or add 20 ml of white wine, mix well and drink to help. It should be noted that celery helps but can reduce the number of sperm in men's semen, which can help contraception.

◆ Anti-cancer

Celery is a high-fiber food. Celery powder can produce a lignin or intestinal fat after intestinal digestion. It is an antioxidant. At high concentrations, it can inhibit carcinogenic substances produced by intestinal bacteria, and at the same time can speed up the movement of feces in the intestine. , Reduce the contact of carcinogens with colonic mucosa, can prevent colon cancer. According to research by British scientists, eating celery often can partially offset the toxic substances in tobacco, thereby preventing lung cancer. Taking 60 grams of celery and eating it cold every day is very necessary for smokers.

Nourishing beauty

Celery is high in iron and is a good vegetable for patients with iron deficiency anemia. It can also supplement women's menstrual blood loss. Celery extract is rich in ascorbic acid, which is an anti-aging beauty factor. Therefore, regular food makes people look bright, the skin is moist, the complexion is bright, and the hair is black and shiny. It is said that Hong Kong beauty star Lin Qingxia loves celery and often eats it.

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