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The samples of Tianeptine were analyzed and tested

Apr 12, 2022

Tianeptine is a tricyclic antidepressant, which has a good effect on mood disorders. It has a significant effect on physical discomfort symptoms, especially gastrointestinal discomfort symptoms related to anxiety and mood disorders. Analyze and detect the samples of Tianeptine by using eclassical 3200 liquid chromatograph and classic Supersil ODS2 column.

Experimental method 

◆Preparation method of test solution:

Accurately weigh 10 mg of thianapeptine to the nearest 0.0001 g, dissolve it in methanol and prepare a 1 mg/ml working solution.

liquid chromatograph

◆Chromatographic conditions and configuration:

Chromatographic conditions

Instrument configuration

chromatographic column

Supersil ODS25 μm 4.6x150mm


p3200 high-pressure constant flow pump (1 set)

mobile phase

A: Methanol: acetonitrile: dodecyl sulfate = 21:31.5:47.5

B: Methanol: acetonitrile: dodecyl sulfate = 20:60:20 gradient elution


D3200 UV-Vis detector (1 set)

Flow rate



S3200 automatic injector (1 set)

Detection wavelength


Column Compartment

03200 chromatographic column temperature box (1 set)

Injection Volume


column temperature

30 ˚ C

Experimental result 

◆Test solution profile:

Test solution profile

The latest EClassical 3200 liquid chromatograph is paired with a classic Supersil ODS2 column to analyze the tianeptine samples with a better resolution, which meets the demand for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Test solution

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