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The best diet for humans is one Meat one Vegetable one mushroom

Nov 09, 2021

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization have proposed that the best diet structure of mankind is "one-meat, one-vegetable one-mushroom", the Chinese Edible Bacteria Association also pushed. it can be seen that the nutritional value of mushrooms can not be underestimated. there are a large variety of mushrooms, more than 350 known in China. There are common food items shiitake mushrooms, edible fungus, silver mushroom, Hieracium Erinaceus.

one Meat one Vegetable one mushroom

Why add "one mushroom" on the basis of "one meat and one vegetable"? In addition to the delicious taste and rich nutrition, their health care effects can not be ignored. Many are familiar, such as Tremella moistening the lung, Auricularia supplementing iron, Hericium Erinaceus nourishing the stomach.

A paper published in Advances in Nutrition by Penn State University included a meta-analysis of 17 cancer studies published from 1966 to 2020, including data from more than 19,500 cancer patients, summarizing the association between mushroom intake and cancer risk; The higher the mushroom consumption was found, the lower the risk of cancer (RR=0.66), there was a significant nonlinear dose-effect association between the two; Higher mushroom intake was associated with lower risk of breast cancer (10 related studies, RR=0.65), and lower risk of other cancers beyond breast cancer (13 related studies, RR=0.80). A single analysis of cancer at a specific location revealed only a significant correlation between breast cancer risk and mushroom intake, possibly due to a small number of other cancer-related studies. Mushroom is the dietary source of ergothioneine. Ergothioneine is a unique and effective antioxidant and cell protective agent. Supplementing antioxidants may help to prevent oxidative stress and reduce the risk of cancer.

association between mushroom intake and cancer risk

Other functional effects of Bacteroides include reducing cholesterol, triglycerides, blood viscosity, delaying arteriosclerosis, and reducing cardio - and cerebrovascular diseases; Strengthening immunity; Reducing the incidence of senile dementia, and so on. Mushroom polysaccharides have been developed into drugs for the non-surgical or recurrent stomach, liver, and bladder cancers to relieve symptoms and improve patient immune function; It is one of the products with high research depth in mushroom products. Reishi triterpene, Reishi polysaccharides, and other healthy food are not very numerous. In recent years, leisure snacks appear such as mushroom crisp, sauce, coffee, and so on.

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