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The benifits of polygonum cuspidatum root powder

Sep 16, 2019

Everyone love beauty. Many girls hope that their skin can become fair and soft. Then let’s understand this Chinese medicine -Polygonum cuspidatum. There are many good antibacterial effects and has a long history of application of Polygonum cuspidatum. And we always use polygonum cuspidatum root powder.  I think everyone is curious about the effect of it on the skin. 


The Polygonum cuspidatum root powder benifits on the skin

It is not the Chinese medicinal material of Polygonum cuspidatum itself, but the Polygonum cuspidatum extract. It is mainly composed of resveratrol and emodin. Polygonum cuspidatum root powder can inhibit the role of melanocyte activity.

In addition, Polygonum cuspidatum root powder also has the effect to promote macrophage activity. Therefore, Polygonum cuspidatum root powder is to reduce the content of melanin on the skin and commonly used to make products with whitening effect. Polygonum cuspidatum root extract can also be used as an anti-wrinkle type because it has an inhibitory effect on elastase.

Polygonum cuspidatum extract has a very good whitening and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, which can make the skin white and moving. Now I will introduce you other effects of Polygonum cuspidatum extract.

1. Clearing heat and diuresis

Polygonum cuspidatum is bitter cold, bitter energy dampness, so it can clear away heat and dampness. It is used for acute urinary tract infections, urinary burning pain.

2. Curing gallbladder and jaundice.

Polygonum cuspidatum is bitter and cold, slightly sweet, spicy, flat. And micro-sin can be used to clear out the evil, bitter cold can clear away heat and dampness, so it can be used to curing gallbladder and jaundice.

3. Activating blood circulation

It tastes bitter. And it can promote blood circulation, often used for blood stasis, rheumatism, pain, bruises and other symptoms. For amenorrhea and postpartum blood stasis and abdominal pain, it can be combined with gun ginger and peach kernel. And bruises, blood stasis and swelling, can be simmered in water, or it can be washed with frying water.

4.Phlegm and cough

Polygonum cuspidatum root powder can clear away heat and dampness, so it can relieve phlegm and cough.

5. Detoxification and pain relief

Polygonum cuspidatum root powder is bitter cold. And it can vent heat, detoxification, pain to treat heat sores.

6. Fire and laxative

Polygonum cuspidatum root powder is bitter. It can diarrhea gastrointestinal heat, has the effect of releasing heat, reducing fire, laxative, can be used for hot constipation and hemorrhoids.

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