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Stevia extract has the effect of inhibiting obesity

Oct 31, 2017

Recently, Mexican researchers in vitro and in vivo studies have shown that stevia extract has the effect of inhibiting obesity. A large number of experimental data show that low-calorie sweeteners food and beverage products help to reduce energy intake and weight control, previous studies have also confirmed that stevia in improving obesity and diabetes have health benefits.

Researchers at the Yucatan Autonomous University in Mexico say that many chemical synthetic drugs can treat these diseases, but some of these drugs will produce related side effects such as lactic acidosis, metallic taste, vitamin B12 deficiency and so on. As a result, consumers are interested in new natural sources of pharmaceutical products, stevia is one of them, in the world with a wide range of safe eating history.

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At present, Stevia extract is not only used as a natural sweetener, which contains other phytochemicals also have a health effect.

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A study conducted in 2015 shows that Stevia can not only increase satiety, but also lower blood sugar and postprandial insulin levels compared to aspartame, SR and saccharin.


Another human clinical study shows that stevia can reduce blood pressure. For example, hypertensive patients taking 250 mg of stevioside for one year, the results showed that subjects in 2 months after the heart systolic and diastolic value was significantly reduced, while the biochemical parameters in the absence of any side effects.

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