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National standard regulations of mulberry leaves

Dec 03, 2021

Mulberry leaf is a medicinal food homolog.

Source: notification of the Ministry of health on further regulation of the regulation of raw materials in healthy food (Law of health [2002] 51)

(Note: mulberry leaf extract prepared from the mulberry leaf by water extraction, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, concentration, spray drying, and other processes, has substantial equivalence with mulberry leaf, and its hygiene and safety indicators are performed according to the relevant food safety standards in China )

DB13 / T 5236-2020 technical protocol for mulberry leaf extract extraction

Extraction process: dosing → (water) soaking → Decoction (two times in total) → standing → concentration → drying → powder collection

Mulberry leaf extract

T/CCCMHPIE 1.55-2021 Plant extract Mulberry leaf extract

Q/HZD 0026 S-2019 Mulberry leaf extract

Q/DB 0020 S-2019 Mulberry leaf extract for the food industry (the standard will be abolished 21 February 2022)

Q/YLXE 0005 S-2019 the Extracts

Q/HSHLY 0041 S-2021 the Extracts

Q/SJKW 0099 S-2021 the Extracts

Q/HZD 0026 S-2021 the Extracts

Q/LYS 0030 S-2021 the Extracts

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