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Mulberry leaves go from niche to mainstream

Nov 18, 2021

Mulberry leaves extracts are the food material that can be used as medicine and food, going from niche to mainstream.

Recently, brands including Yuanyuan Forest have launched new products with mulberry leaf ingredients. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mulberry leaves are sweet and slightly cold, in the lung and liver meridian, which have the functions of evacuating wind-heat, clearing lung and moistening dryness, clearing liver and eyesight, nourishing yin, and generating fluid. Modern studies have shown that mulberry leaf powder has a significant inhibitory effect on the increase of blood sugar in rats after eating. Mulberry leaf extract can reduce fasting blood sugar, lipids and improve insulin resistance in diabetic molded rats. The mulberry leaf contains mulberry leaf polysaccharides, alkaloids, flavonoids, proteins, amino acids, peptides, and other components that have a sugar-lowering effect. Its mechanisms mainly include: inhibiting the activity of α-glycosidase, promoting the secretion of membrane isotope, improving islet function, promoting the use of glucose by peripheral tissues, and enhancing the content of heparin.

Mulberry leaves have a certain sugar inhibitory effect. In a randomized cross-over trial, after 15 healthy volunteers ingested carbohydrates, mulberry leaf extract reduced the glycemic index of maltose, sucrose, maltodextrin, and glucose. The experiment found that the mulberry leaf powder could reduce the GI of maltose by 53% and the GI of sucrose by 33%. Adding mulberry leaves to food and beverage can further meet consumer sugar control needs.

Yuanyuan Forest introduced a sugar-free mulberry leaf tea with, light taste, with a strong plant flavor. It is reported that each bottle of fiber tea contains 7.5 grams of mulberry leaves, 0 sugar 0 calories 0 fat, no caffeine.

sugar-free mulberry leaf tea

New lemon black tea flavored pressed candy on Fix XBody, with ≥ 12% imported white kidney bean extract, can reduce starch absorption; Using L-arabinose as a sweetener can reduce postprandial blood glucose level by inhibiting intestinal sucrase activity; In particular, 0.5% natural mulberry leaf extract is added to reduce the human body's absorption of disaccharide.

Super zero launched two new control calorie noodles. It is reported that mulberry leaf extract is added to the new product. Each meal can reduce energy intake by about 450kcal.

New lemon black tea flavored pressed candy

Super zero

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