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MsSystems :Supplementing Pure Melatonin Powder may improve the circadian rhythm of the flora

Jun 25, 2021

According to research, Pure Melatonin Powder is a circadian hormone that can improve host lipid metabolism disorders through reprogramming the intestinal microbiota. Pure Melatonin Powder.jpg

However, the effect of supplementation of exogenous melatonin on the diurnal changes of the intestinal microbial community under high-fat diet (HFD) mode is still unclear.Therefore, a study published in "MsSystems" studied mice fed a high-fat diet , then it is found that supplementation with melatonin can improve the rhythm pattern of intestinal flora in high-fat diet (HFD) mice.

The study took 126 female ICR mice (a strain lacking melatonin) as the research subjects , they were randomly assigned to the control group (Cont), HFD group and HFD+melatonin group (MelHF), Researchers continued feeding them for two weeks, samples were collected every 4 hours in a 24-hour period, including the circadian rhythm of circadian clock gene expression and changes in blood lipid indicators with circadian time.

The study found that circadian clock gene expression and triglyceride (TG) showed significant rhythm changes in melatonin-treated mice, while not found in HFD-fed mice. Compared with the HFD group, the rhythm of the control group and the melatonin-treated HFD-fed mice was similar, indicating that pure melatonin powder in the HFD-fed mice improved the circadian rhythm of host metabolism.

Supplementing Pure Melatonin Powder may improve the circadian rhythm of the flora

Through 16S rRNA gene sequencing, it was shown that most microorganisms exhibit daily rhythmicity, its trend varies according to the type of bacteria and time. Specific microorganisms related to circadian clock genes and blood lipid index were further identified.In addition, no significant differences were found in comparing the effects of day or night melatonin treatment on lipid metabolism and intestinal flora. But what is interesting is that at different times of microbial transplantation (morning vs. evening), microbial transplantation can affect the lipid metabolism of recipient HFD mice.

In conclusion, the research results indicate that most gut microbes have daily rhythms, which are closely related to the expression of circadian clock genes and blood lipid levels. Although HFD disrupts the rhythm, supplementation with exogenous pure melatonin powder can improve the circadian pattern of certain microbial communities in HFD-fed mice. It is just that the detailed mechanism behind the melatonin-mediated intestinal flora and metabolic rhythm has not yet been fully resolved, in the future,further studies are still needed to confirm.

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