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Lotus Extract benefits on cosmetics

Oct 28, 2021

It begins to talk about Lotus Extract benefits on cosmetics, we understand the lotus leaf effect ;

what is it?

"Lotus leaf self-cleaning effect" refers to leaf surface that has strong water resistance, water sprinkled on the surface will automatically gather into droplets, its rolling sucks and rolls the dust and sludge out of the leaf surface to keep the cleanness all the time.

After long-term observation and research by two bioscientists from the University of Bonn, Germany, the mystery of the lotus leaf was revealed. Through scanning electron microscope images, it can be clearly seen that there are very complex nano and micron ultrastructures on the lotus leaf surface.

Lotus Extract benefits on cosmetics

The lotus leaf surface is covered with "hills " (the distance between each two hill bags is about 20-40 RTM), which are full of fluff, and steamed bread-like "blockhouse" convex tops grow on the top of the hills.

The whole surface is covered by tiny wax crystals (about 200 11113 ~ 2 "m). Therefore, in the" mountains ", Because of this structure, dust, and waterfall on the leaf surface across the air layer, only a few points contact with the surface, do not pollute the leaf, and roll down when the wind blows.

Benefits of Lotus Extract

The silk fiber in lotus leaf extract not only has good functions of moisture absorption, perspiration, air permeability, mildew resistance, and sterilization but also contains a variety of trace elements beneficial to human health.

Lotus Extract benefits

Lotus leaf silk fibers are multifilaments, each composed of several monofilaments arranged in parallel, with a monofilament diameter around the 0.5 promontories and its adhesions are in the transverse direction, Extraction by patented means, the experiment proved that coated on the skin will form a micron-grade mesh protective layer because the lotus fiber has breathability, so does not affect the skin's breathing, users feel very comfortable.

lotus leaf silk fiber can be applied in cosmetics to isolate protective effects, which not only can isolate the external pollution, but also continue to release a variety of nutrients, nourishing the skin.

Lotus leaf extract can reduce pores, dilute fine lines, make the skin surface smooth, friction coefficient reduced, pollutant particles are not easy to stain the skin;

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