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Is ginseng products exactly safe?

Nov 17, 2021

Many people have the wonder: In China, ginseng is prized as a nutritious wintertime dish. but is ginseng products exactly safe?

ginseng productsAlthough ginseng has long been eaten in the form of sparkling wine, porridge, and soup, the officials will carefully weigh its safety. In the 1960s, prescribing ginseng had to be taken by the chief physician in hospitals, who prescribed it in person to get it, because the medicinal effect of ginseng is so great that the folks could not grasp the amount of medicine.

So as early as 2002, the Ministry of Health issued the notice on further regulating raw materials in health food, ginseng was included in the list of articles that can be used in health food, which was limited to the scope of drugs and health products, all products with ginseng as raw materials cannot go through the food production license.

Scholars at home and abroad also attach great importance to the safety of ginseng, long-term research results prove that: scientific use of ginseng is safe. The United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and other countries have long been ginseng as a food application. In 2009, the 32nd General Assembly of the International Codex Alimentarius Commission considered and adopted the International Standard for Ginseng Foods, which provides that artificial ginseng can be used in food.

In 2011, the Ministry of health organized multidisciplinary experts in the Ministry of agriculture, food and drug administration, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and other departments to carry out related demonstration work on artificially grown ginseng, which organized medical, TCM, agriculture, and food experts to review the safety, activity and nutrient composition, unsuitable people and other aspects of artificially grown ginseng, It is considered safe for healthy people, according to the limit of consumption. Therefore, ginseng products were approved as a new resource for food.

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