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How Does Celery Extract Powder Lower Blood Pressure?

Mar 11, 2020

Many antihypertensive drugs are made from celery extract, and celery extract powder can lose weight. Hypertension patients are generally obesity. How does celery extract powder lower the blood pressure?


Therapeutic effect of diabetes on coronary heart disease

Vinegar flavone tablets in celery extract powder can reduce the frequency of angina pectoris significantly to reduce the blood pressure. The measurement of left heart function using echocardiography before and after treatment showed that flavonol acetate as celery extract can improve blood circulation in plasma heart disease, increase blood flow to the heart muscle, reduce oxygen consumption in the heart muscle, and eliminate oxygen free radicals. It can improve oxygen tolerance and promote and improve the collateral circulation of the myocardium while reduce blood lipids, blood pressure, prevent blood cell aggregation, reduce capillary permeability and brittleness.

It is safe and effective for the treatment and prevention of various cardiovascular diseases. And it has no obvious toxic and side effects, which deserves further clinical application. Soften the arterial blood vessels, restore the elasticity of the tube wall have a dual regulatory effect in the clinic, which can reduce hypertension and increase hypotension.

Therapeutic effect of lacunar cerebral infarction in diabetic patients

Celery extract powder contains brain-improving substances, especially celery alpha was found to be isolated from celery seeds. It has broad-spectrum antiepileptic effects and anti-brain barrier effects, and its mechanism of action is to improve blood flow in the local brain barrier area. . From analysis of the mechanism of action, it shows that the anti-brain effect of benzoic acid and known calcium antagonists, free radical scavengers and EAA receptor antagonists have a significant improvement on energy metabolism, which is beneficial to ATP resynthesis. The effect on blood flow may be mainly to promote the formation of collateral circulation.

celery extract powder

Therapeutic effect on diabetes combined with constipation

For diabetic patients, constipation can be a fatal complication, Many diabetic patients have retinal microhemangioma. Quite a few diabetic patients are associated with coronary and cerebral arteriosclerosis. Constipation will increase blood pressure, increase heart load, and induce acute heart disease. Therefore, diarrhea patients must be treated when constipation occurs. Celery supplemented with cellulose and fiber supplemented vegetables is effective for diabetic patients with long-term refractory constipation and maintains smooth defecation. Therefore, if you want to establish and maintain a good intestinal flora balance, you should eat celery extract powder, which can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria.

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