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How do you get rid of dry eyes naturally by Lutein Eye Complex?

Dec 17, 2020

The student's body is in the growth stage, their most organs and most body's functions are not perfect, they should pay more attention to it. For example, if they do not pay attention to taking care of their eyes, their eyes will be in a state of fatigue for a long time, which will easily lead to the loss of vision. Pay more attention to the factors that can cause dry and itchy eyes in your life, you can also understand the efficacy and role of Lutein Eye Complex.


So what factors in life can cause dry and itchy eyes?

1. Wrong posture:

The posture of the eyes will have a big impact on the eyes. The eyeball will adjust its own state to adapt according to the distance of the sight. If the distance between the eye and the object is too close, the eyeball will need to be adjusted to a higher degree. Over time, the eyes will be very tired and prone to dryness and itchy eyes. Maintaining a good eye posture and maintaining a good eye distance will help reduce eye fatigue.

2. Poor light:

If the light is too dark or too bright, it is not a good light for the eyes. Such light needs to be adjusted by the eyes to maintain a clear vision. Over time, the eyes are more likely to feel tired. It is also possible that because of this, the number of blinks is reduced, and the eyes are dry and itchy. When students study and read, they need bright and soft light to make their eyes more comfortable.

3. Rest without paying attention to eyes

Students spend a long time in class and need to complete homework after class. In fact, their eyes are in the state of working hard for a long time. As the end of the semester is approaching, students will prepare for exams and review more carefully, and their eyes may be focused on work without being able to get enough rest. After working hard for a period of time, students should also give their eyes a little time to rest. Doing eye exercises, looking away or resting with closed eyes can make the eyes more comfortable.

factors in life can cause dry and itchy eyes

These factors are important causes of eye fatigue and dry itching in students, and students need to pay more attention to them. At the same time, Lutein Eye Complex can be used to provide good help to the eyes. Lutein is a natural pigment that is very common in yellow-green plants, also called phytolutein. Although the human body cannot synthesize by itself, Lutein Eye Complex can form a barrier in the retina of the eye to protect the eye.

Lutein Eye Complex

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