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Grape Seed Extract Can Make Tooth Restorations Resin Materials More Durable

Jan 17, 2019

A new study from the school of dentistry at the university of Sao Paulo in Brazil shows that a natural compound derived from grape seeds can not only increase the strength of the tooth itself, but also make restorations such as resins more durable.


The durability of dental prosthesis materials after dental caries treatment has been a difficult problem in the industry. Dentists generally recommend that dental prostheses be replaced every eight years. The latest research could help reduce the number of tooth replacements, costs and pain. However, the researchers recommend that patients keep in regular contact with their dentist.


In an experiment with the university of Illinois at Chicago, researcher Anna sousa of the university of Sao Paulo in Brazil divided 48 healthy teeth that had no cavities and had never been repaired into four groups. The first group of teeth remained pristine, the other two received injections of chlorhexidine and doxycycline, which are commonly used in tooth restoration, and the final group received a solution of grape seed extract.


The researchers then used traditional methods to repair each group of teeth and added artificial saliva to simulate tooth wear. The results showed that teeth treated with grape seed extract were 80 per cent less worn than those treated with traditional restorations.

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