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Test Show Grape and Apple Polyphenols Increase Endurance of Athletes

Dec 25, 2018

The researchers tested men who were physically active with an average age of 31 years old. Before two separated sports test, Participants are supplied wit 500mg polyphenol mixture. Result is that Polyphenols prolonged the time participants felt fatigued by 9.7 percent and the fatigue disorder by 12.8 percent.

polyphenols grape seeds

The researchers say men who use polyphenols supplements has been shown to increase endurance performance and extend the time to reach the limit. However, there was no significant change in major cardiovascular and respiratory parameters of using polyphenol between the two groups, and no significant difference in muscle pain perception two days after exercise.


Test also shows that there is no harmful effect on human body of polyphenol. Using polyphenol supplement will also not cause people headaches and adverse reaction.

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