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Ginsenoside rg3:Prevention and treatment of cancer,improves cardiac vascular function

Sep 13, 2021

★Beneficial in fighting cancer:

Ginsenoside rg3 has a strong blocking effect on all stages of cancer development , which is its most important effect.

Rg3 inhibits tumor cells, first and foremost by inhibiting neogenesis. the effect can be produced in small doses, it is best suited to prevent tumor occurrence and recurrence, metastasis, without toxic side effects of other cancer drugs , used for a long time.

Beneficial in fighting cancer

Rg3 can also inhibit the proliferation and inundation of tumor cells at large doses, inducing tumor apoptosis. Therefore, Rg3 is often used in conjunction with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which can enhance the effects , reduce the toxic side effects , and improve the quality of life of patients.

★Improves cardiac vascular function

Rg3 can stimulate peripheral blood circulation, increase coronary arteries and other important organs blood flow by acting on endothelial cells and dilating blood vessels, so as to prevent cardiovascular disease, improve the body's important organ function is very positive, long-term use helps the body strong, resist fatigue.

★Anti-platelet agglutinating

Ginsenoside rg3 is the most potent component of ginsenosides , Platelets agglutinate in blood vessels, which can block blood vessels and make blood circulation unable to proceed normally, causing arteriosclerosis. In particular, agglutinated platelets block cerebral blood vessels, which can cause terrible diseases such as brain atrophy or dementia. Therefore, Rg3 plays an important role in preventing and treating various blood circulatory diseases such as cerebral atrophy, angina pectoris, diabetes and hypertension.

Anti-platelet agglutinating

★Protect brain nerve cells

Experiments show that Rg3 can prevent glutamate induced brain neurotoxicity and prevent brain injury. In practical application, it is found that Rg3 oral administration can significantly improve sleep, restore physical strength, and have a significant educational effect. It can enhance the flexibility of brain excitation process, reduce fatigue, and improve learning and decision-making ability.

★Improving the body's immunity

Ginsenoside rg3 oral can enhance the body's immunity, improve the activity of natural killer cells, T-cell subgroup cells, cells and other immune factors. Thus, the human body is enhanced, improving the body's ability to resist disease.

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