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Experimental study of glutathione Intravenous Infusion

Aug 24, 2021

Oral glutathione is less biousable, intravenous injections produce an "instant" skin whitening effect. its manufacturers of intravenous recommend a dose of 600-1200 mg for skin whitening, 1-2 injections per week. Although intravenous provides a higher therapeutic dose and enhances its efficacy, its safety range is narrower due to the potential for excessive toxicity.

A placebo-controlled study evaluated the whitening effect of iits ntravenous in 32 patients. All patients are female and aged 25-47. Group A had 16 intravenous glutathiones and vitamin C, and Group B was given physiological saline as a placebo. Injection of GSH 1200mg (water, glutathione 1200mg, ascorbic acid, hydrolytic collagen 35mg and sodium chloride). Injections are given twice a week for 6 weeks (12 injections in total). After 12 its injections, 6 out of 16 subjects (37.5%) showed significant improvement, while 3 placebo group (18.7%) also showed improvement.

After stopping treatment, its improvement gradually disappears. Severe adverse reactions that require discontinuation of treatment are liver dysfunction and allergic reactions. Glutathione is not very effective in improving skin tone, while effects disappear over time.


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