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Does Lycopene Have Good Effect on Cardiovascular?

Nov 25, 2019

Tomatoes are a common dish in people's lives. They are delicious and have a rich nutritional value. In particular, tomatoes contain lycopene. Lycopene has a great health effect on the cardiovascular. Especially for the people who with cerebrovascular diseases of middle-aged and elderly people.



Is lycopene  the "master" of antioxidants?

Lycopene belongs to carotenoids and is the strongest antioxidant found in nature. It is also more powerful than β-carotene in removing the free radicals of the human body. It has been proven by modern techniques that lycopene can physically and chemically quench singlet oxygen and capture peroxidic free radicals. Although most carotenoids are effective antioxidants, lycopene has the strongest effect, and its antioxidant effect is twice that of β-carotene and 100 times that of vitamin E. Therefore, it has a significant effect on the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, etc., as well as the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, improving immunity, delaying aging, etc., known as plant gold, known as "21st Century Health Care" The new darling of the product."


Lycopene is a "contributor" to protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The result of the development of chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, and dyslipidemia is damage to the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In severe cases, it causes fatal diseases such as heart disease and stroke. Recent studies have shown that lipoprotein oxidation in the intima is a key factor in the development and progression of atherosclerosis, and lycopene plays an important role in reducing lipoprotein oxidation, protecting low density lipoproteins. Protected from oxidative damage, it can protect the heart and brain blood vessels.



Dutch scholars selected 66 patients with myocardial infarction to determine carotenoid content in their subcutaneous fat. The lycopene content of the patients was found to be lower than that of healthy people, and the content of a- and β-carotene was also lower than that of ordinary people. It indicates that these carotenoids are closely related to the occurrence of myocardial infarction. Australian preventive medicine experts have conducted stroke prevention studies on patients with cerebrovascular disease. Their report indicates that most of the elderly with cerebrovascular disease are at high risk of microvascular damage in the brain. Further explore the causes of cerebral vascular injury in patients, and found that the levels of lycopene and vitamin E in the serum of these people are in a low state, and both food ingredients have strong antioxidant and vascular protective functions.

How to supply lycopene scientifically?

It is worth noting that cooking can make lycopene better released. Ingestion of unprocessed tomatoes, the plasma lycopene concentration did not change much, indicating less absorption. It indicates that the absorption rate is higher. high. Because the plant cell wall is broken after heating, lycopene is dissolved, and lycopene is fat-soluble, the absorption rate is higher after processing with the lipid.

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