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The difference Between Ginseng and American Ginseng

Jan 21, 2019

Ginseng is a Panax ginseng Dry Root C. A. Dry roots of Mey.

American ginseng is American ginseng P.Quinquefolium L. Dry Root.

ginseng extract American Ginseng

Morphological identification

1)Ginseng: the taproots were cylindrical or spindle-shaped, 3 ~ 15 cm long, the upper or all with thin intermittent coarse transverse lines and obvious longitudinal wrinkles.Qualitative hard. Reed head, branched roots and fibrous roots. 

2) American ginseng: taproot cylindrical or long spindle shape, 2 ~ 6cm long, the upper part of a dense fine horizontal stripes. Quality is more solid and heavy. Reed head, branches and fibrous roots have been removed .Its ginseng flavor is longer than ginseng, and slightly bitter than ginseng.

Comparison of the two words - ginseng can invigorate "qi", but also has the effect of soothing the nerves.

And American ginseng sex flavour is cold cool, good for the people of restoring deficiency and with heat, a good " Clean up" tonic.

The characters of panax quinquefolium were very similar, and the main difference was the spots on the TLC.

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