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Development History of Glutathione Powder

Aug 04, 2021

Back in 1888, French scientist Rey-Pailhade discovered that there was a substance in yeast cells that could be mixed with sulfur to produce hydrogen sulfide. it also exists in other living tissues, such as beef liver, beef muscle, sheep brain, and fresh aloe vera tips.Because the substance can combine with sulfur, it is named philo thion. In Greek, philo has the same meaning as love in English, and thion means thiol.

In 1921, Hopkins discovered that it was self-oxidizing and contained glutamic acid and cysteine, so it was renamed "glutathione".

In 1929, glutathione was proved to be a tripeptide composed of three amino acids, including: glutamate, cysteinc and glycine. It is a kind of non-protein low molecular weight Of mercaptans.

In 1935, Harington and others chemically synthesized it and realized its commercialization .

Then Meister proved that glutathione is synthesized by two adenine nucleoside triphosphate (ATP) dependent γ-glutamylcysteine synthase GSH I and glutathione synthase GSH II.

Glutathione Powder

In the 1980s, the industrial production of glutathione was initially realized. it can be widely used in the fields of health care products, medicines, and skin care products, which has attracted much attention. Because of its diversified effects and application fields, the GSH market remains hot, many manufacturers want to divide it to get a piece of the pie.

At present, GSH is mainly used in the production of medicines, medical beauty and health care products in China, while in food additives, plant health and beauty health products in foreign countries.

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