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Curcumin can be used to develop into new anticancer drugs

Dec 08, 2017

Recently, Kyoto University, Japan, Professor Hangu Hideki, Professor Kimiya Shusei's research team and TheraBioPharma Co., Ltd. successfully developed a combination of anti-cancer activity of curcumin compounds. The research has been published electronically in the journal Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin. Hangu Professor also plans to develop a new type of anti-cancer drugs.


Curcumin contains curcumin anti-acid, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer effect, but difficult to be absorbed by the intestinal curcumin, mostly excreted. In response, Professor Hagi's research team and Theravalues Co., Ltd. jointly developed the granule-type curcumin, which has a 27-fold increase in absorption rate and an improvement in liver function. However, when taken orally, the concentration of the active ingredient having anticancer activity in the blood is not sufficiently elevated.


Based on the above study, the team developed a new curcumin product and tested the intravenous injection of testosterone into colon cancer. The results showed that the active ingredient in the blood concentration increased by about 1000 times, anti-cancer effect has also been confirmed, and the test rats did not appear weight loss and other side effects.


Hangu Professor said it is expected to be developed into fewer side effects of anti-cancer drugs, but also through animal experiments, it also benefit from lifestyle-related diseases, inflammatory diseases, but also may be used for the treatment of diseases other than cancer.

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