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Chinese Academy of Sciences published research: NMN helps defend against viruses!

Jun 23, 2022


The latest research by the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Latest research of Chinese Academy of Sciences

On April 29, 2022, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with Peking University and Tsinghua University, published the preclinical study in the international scientific journal Cell Discovery: NMN supplementation can save the disorder of nad+ metabolism, immune response, and cell death-related gene expression caused by novel coronavirus infection, inhibit cell death, and significantly improve pneumonia caused by virus infection.

It is not the first time that NMN has shown its potential against viruses. 

Over the past three years, many scientific research teams around the world have been working on the defense and treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia. With the continuous release of research results, NAD+ precursors represented by NMN have become a highlight.

In April 2020, Harvard University and West Dakota medical center jointly released a report: A 55-year-old white woman with COVID-19 suffered from worsening bilateral lung infiltration. After receiving NMN cocktail therapy (NMN, betaine, zinc sulfate, sodium chloride), she reversed the cytokine storm, recovered, and was discharged 10 days later. Subsequently, the medical center applied this therapy to other outpatients, and the symptoms of fever, chest pressure, cough, headache, and lack of energy were improved.

the lung condition of the patient improved significant

In October 2020, a phase 2 clinical trial report of new crown therapy involving 100 patients with moderate and mild COVID-19 showed that: another precursor of NAD+, NR (transformation pathway: NR-NMN-NAD+), combined with the combined metabolic auxiliary factor composed of L-serine, NAC and L-carnitine tartrate, showed that the recovery time of patients was significantly shortened.

moderate and mild COVID-19

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