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Can lutein improve vision?

Dec 22, 2020

What are the effects and functions of lutein? it has strong activity and antioxidant , it can resist oxidation caused by light and other factors. On the other hand, lutein can also absorb and filter irritating ultraviolet rays and blue light from electronic screens for the eyes. In students' life, there are occasions such as outdoor exercise, or use of electronic products to assist learning, so it is very helpful for students' eyes.

lutein improve vision

In addition, the dryness and itching caused by eye fatigue require the help of other substances, such as anthocyanins and vitamin A. Anthocyanins also have an antioxidant effect, it can protect the peripheral circulation and capillaries of the eyes, which help improve the comfort of the eyes; Vitamin A can form the visual pigment in the visual cells of the eye, promoting the lacrimal gland to secrete tears. Students can pass β -Carotene is supplemented.


Parents who want to supplement children with lutein, anthocyanins and other eye-protective substances can buy its β-carotene soft capsules. Some supplements choose marigolds, bilberries and seaweed from Pink Lake to extract lutein, anthocyanins and β-carotene. They are made into soft capsules. Students only need one capsule a day to supplement it and other eye nutrients.

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