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Apigenin powder manufacturers summarize its benefits

Apr 24, 2022

Apigenin powder is a remarkable bioflavonoid, as a professional manufacturer, we can supply 98% product. a report from the University of Ohio research group in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that apigenin, a rich compound, binds to about 160 proteins in the body and potentially contributes to the promotion of cell health in various tissues.

as a professional manufacturer, we can supply 98% product

Apigenin powder manufacturers list Its plant origin:

Vegetables and fruits rich in apigenin include grapes, oranges, olives, perilla, chamomile, celery, cabbage, lettuce, and medlar.

Apigenin, also known as aprgennin, is a flavonoid that is widely distributed in nature. It is widespread in the thymelaeaceae, verbenaceae, and Selaginellaceae, it can also be obtained in large quantities from vegetable fruits, with the lowest content being around 0.02% from Celery and 2.5% from Chamomile, The content of the synthetic source can reach 98%.

Apigenin powder manufacturers list Its plant origin

Specific examples summarized by the Apigenin powder manufacturers 

Demonstrated on our product page that one of its main functions is anticancer, the following focuses on some examples of the cancer prevention effect of Apigenin and its synergy with chemotherapy in specific cancer types.

◆Versuline in gastrointestinal cancer:

In the case of gastrointestinal cancers, Versuline was found to induce cell death and hinder the growth of new blood vessels that contribute to tumor growth. In addition, apigenin interferes with the remodeling of the outside and surrounding matrix of cancer cells by reducing glucose uptake by cancer cells and halting the processes that promote cancer progression and spread, rendering the tumor environment hostile.

◆Efficacy of apigenin combined with gemcitabine chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer – an experimental study

A laboratory study conducted by researchers at Seoul National University School of medicine in Korea found that apigenin enhanced the antitumor efficacy of gemcitabine against pancreatic cancer.

Another study by researchers at the van Berg School of medicine in Chicago also found that combining apigenin with gemcitabine inhibited pancreatic cancer cell growth and induced cancer cell death (apoptosis).

In brief, multiple studies using cell culture and animal models have found that apigenin enhances the efficacy of gemcitabine chemotherapy in otherwise difficult to treat pancreatic cancer.

Apigenin on anticancer

◆Effect of apigenin in combination with Cisplatin chemotherapy – an experimental study

In a study conducted by researchers from track ya University, Turkey, apigenin in combination with the chemotherapeutic drug cisplatin significantly enhanced its cytotoxic effect (anticancer effect of apigenin) on prostate cancer cells and determined the molecular mechanism of action.

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