Oregano Leaf Extract Powder

Oregano Leaf Extract Powder

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Oregano Leaf Extract is an important culinary herb, used for the flavor of its leaves, which can often be more flavourful when dried than fresh. It has an aromatic, warm and slightly bitter taste, which can vary in intensity.


Product Name

Oregano Leaf Extract

Latin Name

Origanum vulgare L.


Brown powder




Pharm Grade

Particle Size

80-100 Mesh






Freely Offfered


Any order quantity is welcome


Store in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.


1kg/Foil bag, 25kgs/Drum (Two plastic-bags inside with Paper-drums), Or as per customer's requirements.)

Shelf Life

2 years under well storage situation.


1.Antibacterial effect

Studies have shown that the main components of antibacterial activity in oregano oil are phenols and terpenes. Phenolic substances can change the permeability of cell membranes by denaturation of proteins in cell membranes, or react with phospholipids in cell membranes to destroy proteins. The synthesis of microbial cells is inhibited; terpenoids can also affect the DNA self-replication process in bacteria, thereby inhibiting the process of bacterial growth and growth, thereby inhibiting cell growth. In addition, the synthetic precursors of carvacrol and thymol, γ-terpinene and ρ-isopropyltoluene, also have certain anti-pathogenic microbial activity.

2. Antioxidant effect

Oregano oil contains a variety of compounds, mainly phenolic acids and terpenoids. Phenolic acid compounds contain phenolic hydroxyl groups, which are antioxidant active groups. In the process of scavenging alkoxy radicals, such antioxidants mainly terminate the chain reaction by dehydrogenation reaction to produce relatively stable phenoxy radicals. The stability of the produced phenoxy radicals is closely related to its scavenging free radical activity. Terpenoids usually contain one or more isoprene skeletons, which are chemically active, prone to addition reactions, and have strong reducibility, so that unsaturated fatty acids in cell membranes and mitochondria are not oxidized.

3. Enhance the body's immune function

Oregano Leaf Extract Powder can promote the growth and development of the body's immune organs, improve the phagocytic ability of phagocytic cells, and thus enhance the body's immunity. Studies have shown that oregano oil can inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria, facilitate the formation of normal microbial flora, increase the content of stomach contents, and prolong the residence time of nutrients in the digestive tract, and promote the protein and other substances. Absorption and utilization, which provides sufficient nutrition for the development of immune organs.

4. Anti-tumor effect

Oregano Leaf Extract Powder has anti-tumor effect in addition to antibacterial, anti-oxidant and animal immunity. Human hepatoma cell line HepG2, human cervical cancer cell line JTC-26 and lung cancer cell line A549 were inhibited by growth of tumor cells after different concentrations of oregano oil, indicating that oregano oil has antitumor activity in vitro.


1.Feed additive

Oregano Oil is an antibacterial growth-promoting additive approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of China. It is formulated into a 10% premix for use in the feed additive industry. It has a significant effect on animal growth, promotes digestion and absorption of nutrients, and improves feed utilization.

2. Natural antibiotics

Oregano Leaf Extract Powder can prevent and treat bacterial infections in the gastrointestinal tract, such as diseases caused by Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Pasteurella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Coccidia. Both carvacrol and thymol can reduce the synthesis of pro-inflammatory tumor necrosis factor, β-interleukin, and interleukin-6 cytokines, while anti-inflammatory interleukin-10 synthesis increases, indicating that oregano oil These chemical components do have a strong anti-inflammatory effect on human THP-1 cells.

3. Natural preservatives

Oregano oil has a strong bactericidal effect and can replace chemical preservatives that are carcinogenic, teratogenic or toxic as food preservatives.

4. Food seasonings and spices

The content of terpene acetate in oregano oil is relatively high, and it has a rich aromatic flavor and can be used as an excellent edible flavoring. As in Italy, oregano oil is often used as a flavoring agent for pizza. Oregano oil can be blended with other traditional flavors into a unique health-care beverage, such as a soft-scented cola-flavored beverage. Oregano oil can be used for both medicine and food, and its products are selling well, and the supply is in short supply.

5. Cosmetics industry

Oregano oil can be used as a raw material for skin care and beauty products.

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