Dioscin Powder, Discorea Nipponica Extract

Dioscin Powder, Discorea Nipponica Extract

- Product Name: Dioscin Powder, Discorea Nipponica Extract
- CAS: 19057-60-4
- Appearance: White or Beige Fine Powder
- Active Ingredient & Specification: Dioscin 98%
- Test Method: HPLC
- Grade: Food & Pharmaceutical

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Dioscin has anti-tumor, anti-thrombosis, anti-allergy, anti-virus and anti-shock effect. Its chemical formula is C45H72O16 and molecular weight is about 869.05,

Dioscin is insoluble in water, petroleum ether, benzene, but soluble in methanol, ethanol, acetic acid, slightly soluble in acetone and pentanol.

Dioscin is the main component of dioscorea. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Chinese Yam has the effect of eliminating phlegm, relaxing muscles, promoting blood circulation and treating malaria. Modern pharmacological studies show that dioscin has many pharmacological effects, especially in anti-tumor field. Many of the studies also show that Chinese yam can improve the symptoms of atherosclerosis and protect vascular endothelial function, reduce the number of preserving renal ischemia/reperfusion injury, lower blood sugar, inhibiting liver fibrosis, improve menopausal osteoporosis, relieve rheumatoid arthritis disease and ulcerative colitis, as well as antagonism activity of bacteria and viruses.

Product NameDioscin Powder, Discorea Nipponica Extract
CAS No.19057-60-4
AppearanceWhite or Beige Fine Powder
Active Ingredient & SpecificationDioscin 98%
Herb SourceRoot of Discorea Nipponica
Test MethodHPLC
GradeFood & Pharmaceutical
Particle Size100% pass through 80 mesh

application&function plant extract


- Pharmaceutical Field(anti-tumor, anti-thrombus, anti-virus, anti-cancer)


- Dioscin has anti - tumor, anti - thrombosis, anti - allergy, anti - virus and anti - shock effect. Dioscin also has anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-virus, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, kill mollusc, anti-fertility and other effects. It  can also be used for the treatment of tracheitis.

- Dioscin has the effect of killing insects and anti-trichomycetes.

It contains peroxidase which has obvious anti-aging effect and can remove the scar on the face, and let the skin soft and smooth. It can also be used as raw materials for synthetic steroid hormones and contraceptives.

- Anti-Cancer

Studies have shown that dioscin can participate in many biological processes such as cell process, metabolic process, biological regulation, stress response, signal pathway and cell proliferation and so on. So dioscin can interfere with the life process of cancer cells so as to achieve anti-cancer effect.

- Dioscin also has the effect to treat liver fibrosis, besides anti-cancer effect and a few biology activity.

These functions prove that diosgenin has broad prospects for research. With the deepening of research, the medicinal value of diosgenin will be gradually developed, showing a good application prospect.


STORAGE: Cool & Dry Place, away from strong light and heat

PACKAGE: 10g/one bag

1kg/one bag


Customization according to customers' request.


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