Betulinic Acid Powder, Birch Bark Extract

Betulinic Acid Powder, Birch Bark Extract

- Product Name: Betulinic Acid Powder, Birch Bark Extract
- CAS: 472-15-1
- Appearance: White Powder
- Active Ingredient & Specification: Betulinic acid 98%
- Test Method: HPLC
- Grade: Pharmaceutical

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Betulinic acid, a pentacyclic triterpenoid acid, is found in many natural plants, especially in birch bark, with low toxicity and high safety index.In recent years, betulinic acid has been found to have anti-tumor, anti-HIV anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial, anti-malaria and other biological activities, especially in anti-melanoma and anti-HIV, which has aroused great interest of its research.

Betulinic acid is white powder, soluble in methanol.

Product Name Betulinic Acid Powder, Birch Bark Extract
CAS No. 472-15-1
Appearance White Powder
Active Ingredient & Specification Betulinic acid 98%
Herb Source Birch Bark Root
Test Method HPLC
Grade Pharmaceutical
Particle Size 100% pass through 80 mesh
Origin China

application&function plant extract


- Pharmaceutical (anti-tumor activity, anti-HIV activity)


- Anti-Tumor Activity

The earliest research reports is the BA(Betulinic acid) of melanoma cells with a strong selective cytotoxicity and IC50 concentration of 0.5 ~ 4.8 mg/ml. More importantly, this study also showed the in vivo efficacy of BA(Betulinic acid). Subcutaneous injection of melanoma cell line mel-2 into nude mice and intraperitoneal injection of 50, 250 or 500mg/kg BA(Betulinic acid) produced highly effective tumor growth inhibition, and the host cells showed no signs of toxicity.

- Anti-HIV Activity

One of the most prominent biological activities of BA(Betulinic acid) is its antiviral activity, especially its anti-HIV activity. The emergence of drug-resistant strains of HIV and the side effects of long-term drug therapy make it more difficult to treat AIDS. At present, it is an very important strategy for the research and development of new anti-HIV drugs to search and find the active ingredients from natural products and take them as lead compounds for structural modification and transformation.


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