Inulin Powder, Chicory Root Extract

Inulin Powder, Chicory Root Extract

- Product Name: Inulin Powder, Chicory Root Extract
- CAS: 39289-43-5
- Appearance: White Powder
- Active Ingredient & Specification: Inulin (Synanthrin) 90%
- Test Method: HPLC
- Grade: Food & Health Care

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product description

Procyanidine, shortly called PC, is a kind of biological flavonoid mixture with special molecular structure.

Proanthocyanidins (OPC), oligomer of Procyanidine, is currently accepted internationally as an useful natural antioxidant for obliterating free radicals in human body. It is generally reddish brown powder, gas micro, acerbity , soluble in water and most organic solvents.

Proanthocyanidins can significantly improve the body's anti-aging ability, improve cardiovascular function, prevent hypertension, enhance the body's ability to resist mutations, and even have therapeutic effects on arteriosclerosis, gastric ulcer, colorectal cancer, cataract, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and other diseases

Product Name Inulin Powder, Chicory Root Extract
CAS No. 39289-43-5
Appearance White Powder
Active Ingredient & Specification Inulin (Synanthrin) 90%
Herb Source Chicory Root, Jerusalem Artichoke
Test Method HPLC
Grade Food & Health Care
Origin China


- Food & Drinking field

1. Process low-fat food, such as cream and coated food

2. High fiber diet

3. can be used as bifidobacterium proliferation factor and belongs to probiotics food ingredients

4. Used in milk beverage, sour milk, liquid milk

5. Used for baking products

6. Used in juice drinks, functional water drinks, sports drinks, fruit juices, jellies

7. Used in milk powder, fresh milk, cheese and frozen desserts

- Health Care (Cholesterol Lowing, reduce blood sugar, Promote the absorption of minerals, Increased metabolic function, Skin care and etc.)


- Cholesterol Lowing

Inulin can effectively reduce serum total cholesterol (TC) and LDL cholesterol (ldl-c), improve the ratio of HDL/LDL, and improve the blood lipid status.

- Glucose decreases

Inulin is a carbohydrate that does not increase glucose in the urine. It is not hydrolyzed into monosaccharides in the upper part of the intestine and therefore does not raise blood sugar levels or insulin levels.

- Promote the absorption of minerals

Inulin can greatly improve the absorption of Ca2+, Mg2+, Zn2+, Cu2+, Fe2+ and other minerals.

- Regulate intestinal microflora

Inhibit the production of toxic fermentation products, protect the liver, prevent colon cancer..

- Treatment of Constipation

Prevention of constipation and treatment of obesity dietary fiber to reduce food in the gastrointestinal retention time, and increase the amount of feces, effective treatment of constipation.

- Skin Care

Dr. Sun yat-sen, the pioneer of inulin research, once said that inulin can reduce the pigmentation of the skin, have the effect of whitening and beautifying the skin, and make the skin become bright, delicate and shiny.

- Reducing Weight

Its action reducing weight is to raise the viscosity of content content, reduce the rate that food enters small intestine from the stomach, reduce hungry feeling thereby, reduce food intake.

Product advantages


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STORAGE: Cool & Dry Place, away from strong light and heat

PACKAGE: 10g/one bag

1kg/one bag


Customization according to customers' request.



1. Can I Get Some Samples?

Yes, we supply free samples, and the delivery cost is paid by our clients.

2. How To Confirm The Product Quality?
Free samples for your kind testing, and warmly welcome you to visit our factory, third-party inspection is also available.

3. What’s Your MOQ?

MOQ. is different, normally 1kg is good. You can send inquiry to for confirmation.

4. How About Delivery Time?

For Stock: 3~5 working days after advance payment or full payment is credited into our bank account.

Customization is according to the production shedule.

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