Camptothecin, Camptotheca Or Mappia Extract

Camptothecin, Camptotheca Or Mappia Extract

- Product Name: Camptothecin, Camptotheca or Mappia Extract
- CAS: 7689-03-4
- Appearance: Light yellow powder
- Active Ingredient & Specification: Camptothecin 98% 99%
- Test Method: HPLC
- Grade: Pharmaceutical

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Camptothecin is a plant anti-cancer drug, which is extracted from camptothecin distributed in south-central and southwest China. In 1976, Chinese chemist Mr. Yisheng Gao and others succeeded in synthesizing ractophilline. Camptothecin has a good curative effect on the gastrointestinal tract and head and neck cancer, but it has side effects on urine and blood in some patients.

ulcer, colorectal cancer, cataract, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and other diseases


Product Name Camptothecin, Camptotheca, or Mappia Extract
CAS No. 7689-03-4
Appearance Light yellow powder
Active Ingredient & Specification Camptothecin 98% 99%
Herb Source Camptotheca or Mappia
Test Method HPLC
Grade Pharmaceutical
Particle Size 100% pass-through 80 mesh
Origin China


- Pharmaceutical Field(Anti-cancer, Anti-Myelogenous leukemia)


- Anticancer

Camptothecin has a good curative effect on gastric cancer, showing rapid effect, but the remission period is short (2-3 months on average).

Camptothecin is used to cure esophagus cancer, cardia cancer, colonic cancer, rectum cancer, primary liver cancer.

Camptothecin also has good curative effects on acute and chronic myelogenous leukemia, chorionic epithelial carcinoma, lung cancer, bladder cancer, etc.


Extraction process flow chart


product certificate


STORAGE: Cool & Dry Place, away from strong light and heat

PACKAGE: 10g/one bag

1kg/one bag


Customization according to customers' requests.

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