Fatty Acid 45%

Fatty Acid 45%

Product Name: Fatty Acid 45%
Appearance:White Fine powder
Latin name:Serenoa Repens.
Part:whole, Fruit
certificate:FDA, ISO,SGS
Grade:Food grade

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Product Introduction:

Stevioside, a modern natural sweetener extracted from stevia, is also be named as stevia sugar. Stevioside features high sweetness and low calorie and its sweetness is 200-350 times of that of cane sugar but its calorie is only 1/300 of that of cane sugar. A large number of pharmaceutical tests have proved that stevioside has no side effects, carcinogens, and is safe for eating.         

Product Parameter:

Product Name:Fatty Acid 45%
Appearance:White Fine powder
Latin name:Serenoa Repens.
Part:whole, Fruit
certificateFDA, ISO,SGS
GradeFood grade
deliverywithin 3 work days
TypeHerbal Extract

Function :

◆ Natural sweetener

◆ 0 calories,suitable for obesity.

◆ suitable for diabete and hypertension.


Fatty acid 45% is an extremely ideal sweetener that can replace can sugar. It is can be used in such industries as food,beverage,medicine,daily chemicals,brewery and cosmetics.Compared with cane sugar,it can save 70 of the cost.With pure white color,pleasing taste and no peculiar smell.Stevia is a new sugar source with broad perspective foe development.Stevia is creating a new generation lf sweeteners for the global food and beverage market.For example, when making cakes, it is more suitable for people who lose weight to replace sucrose. When making candy, it is more suitable for diabetics and children,It also can be used in oher products.

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