Apigenin powder

Apigenin powder

1) Other name: Versuline
2) Specification: 98%
3) CAS: 520-36-5
4) Molecular formula: C15H10O5
5) Molecular weight: 270.24
6) EINECS: 208-292-3
7) MOQ: 1kg
8) Certifications: ISO, FDA, HALAL, KOSHER
9) Stock in LA USA warehouse

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product description

Apigenin powder, also known as apigenin and apigenin, is a flavonoid compound. It exists in a variety of plants in the form of phyto yellow pigments, such as the umbelliferae celery, chamomile, melissa, perilla, verbena, and yarrow. Studies have found that apigenin is a very good natural antioxidant, which has the effects of lowering blood pressure, relaxing blood vessels, preventing atherosclerosis, and inhibiting tumors.

The description of Apigenin powder

product specification

The specification of Apigenin powder

main functions

1. Apigenin powder is a kind of bioflavonoid compound, which exists in various plants and herbs. For example, the content of chamomile tea is very high, and it has the effect of reducing anxiety and calming when taken in high doses.

2. Apigenin is also a very effective anti-cancer compound. It can induce apoptosis of cancer cells, but has no effect on normal cells. And you can get an active (anti-cancer) dose by eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. This has an impact on cancer cells.

3. Apigenin also has a protective effect on nerves, it can fight excitotoxicity and prevent calcium accumulation in nerve mitochondria.

The two glucopyranosides of apigenin and apigenin also have anti-diabetic effects in the human body.

4. Apigenin exerts its anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting NO synthase and COX2 enzymes in macrophages, thereby affecting lipopolysaccharide. In addition, apigenin also inhibits the production of interleukin-4, interferes with NF-kb transcription and potential TNFα-induced up-regulation of adhesion molecule 1, thereby inhibiting the increase of TNFα.

5. Apigenin can also reduce oxidative stress, induce cell cycle inhibition, and increase the effect of liver detoxification enzymes, thereby playing an anti-inflammatory effect to a certain extent.


1. Apigenin, as an ideal green food for weight loss, can be used in the food field;

2. Celery can stabilize emotions, eliminate irritability, and can be used in the field of health care products;

3. Apigenin's anti-tumor, cardio-cerebrovascular, anti-virus, and anti-bacterial effects can be applied to the field of medicine.

4. Apigenin powder is widely used in cosmetics:

(1.) High-content apigenin absorbs ultraviolet light very lightly and can be used in sunscreen products; while low-concentration apigenin can be used as a skin darkening agent and added to suntan oil;

(2.) Apigenin can be added to cosmetics as a pigment stabilizer, the recommended dosage is 1%; Apigenin can be used in creams;

(3.) It can also be compounded with vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, etc.; it can also be compounded with plant essential oils such as chamomile oil, calendula oil, almond oil, etc.;

(4 ) It can also be used in shampoo and conditioner.

extraction process

Extracting Process




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