[Product Name ]:Paclitaxel
[Other Name ]:Taxol
[Specifications ]:99%
[Test ]:HPLC
[Appearance ]:white crystal powder
[CAS No.;]:33069-62-4
[Molecular formula]:C47H51NO14
[Molecular Weight]:853.92

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1.Paclitaxel is a mitotic inhibitor drup used in the treatment of cancer. 

2.Isolated the compound from the bark of the Pacific yew tree, Taxus brevifolia, and noted its antitumor activity in a broad range of rodent tumors. 

3.Paclitaxel has since become an effective tool of doctors who treat patients with lung, ovarian, breast cancer, and advanced forms of Kaposi's sarcoma. 

4.Paclitaxel is also used for the prevention of restenosis (recurrent narrowing) of coronary stents; locally delivered to the wall of the coronary artery, a paclitaxel coating limits the growth of neointima (scar tissue) within stents. 

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