Ectoin Powder

Ectoin Powder

Appearance: White powder
Specification: 98%HPLC
Application: Cosmetics
Main effect: Moisturizing
Certificate: FDA,ISO900,COA
CAS#: 96702-03-3
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Ectoin powder is derived from highly halophilic bacteria and has a good repair and protective effect on the skin. It is a very popular cosmetic ingredient in recent years.

Ectoin (Ectoine) has two major functions:

1) Moisturizing: It is an important substance to maintain the balance of osmotic pressure. Its unique molecular structure has a strong ability to complex water molecules and can structure free water in cells. It is an excellent natural moisturizer. 2) Repair: Ectoin (Ectoine) can resist the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin and repair the cellular DNA damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

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Xi'an Prius Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in China. We are a high-tech enterprise committed to the research, production, and sales of natural plant extracts, Cosmetics material, Food additives, and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Our company has a stable raw material base, strong technical force, advanced production equipment, and a professional elite team. We have perfect laboratory facilities and advanced testing equipment, and the use of a complete variety of natural animal and plant extraction, separation, synthesis, fermentation, and other production equipment, and a strict quality control system, to ensure stability and safety of product quality.


#1 Moisturizing effect

Ectoin powder is an excellent moisturizer. It can moisturize and replenish water, improve skin microcirculation, promote the synthesis and secretion of hyaluronic acid, promote the synthesis and secretion of extracellular hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, and other macromolecules, enhance the hydrophilicity of the skin, and maintain moisture in the skin.

#2 Anti-oxidation

Tests have shown that ectoine can prevent the weakening of the antioxidant capacity of cells with the increase of age, and has a certain antioxidant capacity.

#3 Repair UV damage

Ultraviolet rays can cause photoaging and accelerate skin aging. And Ectorin prevents the chain reaction caused by UVA irradiation and prevents mt-DNA mutations induced by UVA.

#4 Enhance skin immunity

Ectoine can effectively protect Langerhans cells from external stimuli, thereby enhancing skin immunity and giving people a strong skin physique.

#5 Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect

Ectoine can effectively improve the surface condition of the skin and has obvious wrinkle-removing effects.

#6 Isolate the stimulus

Ectoin is a powerful ordering substance that can form a barrier around cells, enzymes, proteins, and other biological molecules. Due to the existence of the isolation layer, the skin cells are equivalent to being "armed" and have a better "resistance ability", blocking or reducing the stimulation of the skin cells by external stimulating factors, thereby alleviating the symptoms of adverse reactions.


Ectoin powder is widely used in daily cosmetics. Because of its mildness, non-irritation, maximum moisturizing power, and no greasy feeling, it can be added to various skincare products. For example, toner, sunscreen lotion, cream, facial mask, spray, repair lotion, lotion, and so on.

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