• Panax Ginseng Oil

    Panax Ginseng Oil

    Type : Herbal Extract product name : Manufacturer Provide Best Quality Papain Enzyme Papain powder other name : Papain Enzyme Form : Powder ...

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  • Turmeric Extract Curcumin

    Turmeric Extract Curcumin

    Product name Curcumin Product type curcumin extract 95% Appearance Yellow-Orange Powder

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  • Belladonna Extract Powder Scopolamine

    Belladonna Extract Powder Scopolamine

    Latin Name: Polygonum cuspidatum zucc. Part Used: Fruit Testing Method: HPLC Appearance: white powder with slight yellow Specification : scopolamine 1%-99% , 5:1, 10:1, 20:1 Active...

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  • Voacanga Africana Stapf Extract Tabersonine

    Voacanga Africana Stapf Extract Tabersonine

    PRODUCT NAME:Tabersonine CAS NO.:4429-63-4 CHEMICAL NAME:Aspidospermidine-3-carboxylic Acid, 2, 3, 6, 7-tetradehydro-, Methyl Seter EXTRACT ORIGIN:Voacanga seed Extract

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  • Black Seed Extract Nigella Sativa Extract

    Black Seed Extract Nigella Sativa Extract

    Product name:nigella sativa extract Source: Nigella damascena Part of Used: seed Specification Available: 10:1 Appearance: brown Powder

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  • Peganum Harmala Extract

    Peganum Harmala Extract

    Product name: peganum harmala extract
    Source: Peganum harmala L
    Part of Used: seed
    Specification Available: 10:1
    Appearance: brown Powder
    Active Ingredient: Harmine...

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  • gotu kola extract asiaticoside powder

    gotu kola extract asiaticoside powder

    Product Name: Gotu Kola Extract Latin Name: Centella Asiatica(L.) Urban Product Specification: 10%- 80% Total Triterpenoid glycosides Madecassoside 90%-95% Asiaticoside(s) 5%-95% Product...

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  • Licorice Extract Monoammonium Glycyrrhizinate

    Licorice Extract Monoammonium Glycyrrhizinate

    Product Name:Monoammonium Glycyrrhizinate Molecular Formula:C42H61O16NH4 CAS:53956-04-0 EINECS:258-887-7 Characters:White Crystalline Powder Finess:Entirely Pass 80-mesh Sieve Drying...

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  • Kacip Fatimah Extract

    Kacip Fatimah Extract

    [Product Name] Labisia Pumila Extract
    [Others Names] Kacip Fatimah extract, Female Tongkat Ali ,Caqiqi flower tima extract
    [Specification] 10:1, 20:1
    [Color] Brown yellow...

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  • Bitter Almond Extract Amygdalin

    Bitter Almond Extract Amygdalin

    High quality pure natural 98% amygdalin vitamin b17
    Active Ingredients: Amygdalin
    Appearance: Trihydrate orthorhombic columnar crystals (water)
    Specification: 98%
    Mesh: 80...

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  • Kanna Extract Powder

    Kanna Extract Powder

    Prodcut name: Kanna Kanna Extract Latin Name: Lampranthus tenuifolius Specification: 100:1 Appearance: Brown yellow powder ...

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  • Naringin Powder

    Naringin Powder

    Product Name:Naringenin powder Part of Used: Fruit Grade:Pharmaceutical Form:Powder Color:white Usage:Pharmaceutical and Food Test Method:HPLC Molecular Formula: C15H12O5 Purity:99% by...

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