The benefits of papaya extract

- Nov 25, 2017 -

1.Invigorating spleen to promote digestion

Papaya can be appetizing and invigorating. Papain, the papain, can decompose fat into fatty acids; An enzyme in papaya, which digests protein, helps the body digest and absorb food.

2.Eliminating summer-heat by cooling

Eating papaya can relieve the heat, papaya can clear the heat, the wet transport spleen, the raw and quenching thirst, in the summer eating papaya has a great benefit to the body.


3.Hairdressing action

Papaya has certain beauty effect, often eat papaya and delay aging.

4.Improved resistance to disease

Papaya high nutritional value, contains a lot of water, carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins and a variety of essential amino acids, can be fully replenish your body needs nutrients, make the body more healthy.

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