Arteannuin Extract

Arteannuin Extract

1. Product name: Arteannuin Extract 2. Active ingredient: Artemisinin 3. Botanical source: Arrtemisnin Ananua L 4. Biogenic origin: Shanxi Yunnan or Hebei China. 5. CAS NO.: 63968-64-9 6. Specification: 98%,99% Artemisinin 7. Molecular formula: C15H22O5 8. Molecular Weight: 282.33 9. Characters: White crystalline powder 10. Solubility: Very soluble in chloroform,ethyacetate, benzeneand acetone.

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1. Product name: Arteannuin Extract

2. Active ingredient: Artemisinin

3. Botanical source: Arrtemisnin Ananua L

4. Biogenic origin: Shanxi Yunnan or Hebei China.

5. CAS NO.: 63968-64-9

6. Specification: 98%,99% Artemisinin

7. Molecular formula: C15H22O5

8. Molecular Weight: 282.33

9. Characters: White crystalline powder

10. Solubility: Very soluble in chloroform,ethyacetate, benzeneand acetone.

Artemisinin is the best drug for treating malaria. It is a sesquiterpene lactone drug with a peroxy group extracted from the traditional Chinese medicine Artemisia annua L.. It has high efficiency, quick effect, clearing heat, relieving heat, killing protozoa. , low toxicity, etc.

Main function:

Artemisinin, fast absorption, quick onset, suitable for the rescue of dangerous malaria. Among them, artesunate has significant antimalarial effects, mild and less adverse reactions, and low drug resistance. It has been widely used worldwide, especially for pregnant women and patients with cerebral malaria. Artesunate and mefloquine are effective in treating drug-resistant Plasmodium infections, have mild adverse reactions and are inexpensive, and are safe among pregnant women and children. They are the first choice for many countries to deal with malaria.



Artemisia annua L. is used as an antimalarial drug. Clinical application proves that artemisinin and its derivatives have special effects on malaria and falciparum malaria, especially Artemtherin, which kills Plasmodium falciparum than other artemisinin drugs. The effect of intracellular asexuals is stronger. It has the advantages of high efficiency, quick effect, low toxicity and no cross resistance to chloroquine. It can be used not only for treatment but also for first aid. Applicable to a variety of malaria, such as falciparum malaria, vivax malaria, anti-chloroquine malaria and cerebral malaria. Including the sinister type.

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