Yin Yang Huo Extract

Yin Yang Huo Extract

Epimedium Extract sexual Enhancement Icariin Horny Goat Weed Extract Yin Yang Huo Horny Goat Weed Extract/Epimedium Extract(Icariin )is a flavonoid glycoside compound derived from several species of plants in the Epimedium family, which are commonly known as Horny Goat Weed or Yin Yang Huo....

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Epimedium is one of its active ingredients, which can effectively improve the cardiovascular system, regulate endocrine, and improve endocrine. In addition, it is particularly noteworthy that Epimedium also has anti-cancer effects and is regarded as the most promising anti-cancer drug.

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Epimedium Extract


Light yellow powder




Food Grade


male enhancement

Active ingredient


Used part:Stem and leafSpecification


Bag and Drum

Test Method


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1.It has the function of enhancing the body's immune function, which can enhance and maintain normal adrenal function and immune function.

2.Influencing the aging mechanism from different aspects can delay the aging process and prevent the occurrence of geriatric diseases. Such as affecting cell passage, prolonging the growth phase, regulating the immune and secretion system, improving the body's metabolism and function of various organs.

3.The use of Epimedium extract to reduce cerebral vascular resistance has a certain protective effect on myocardial ischemia caused by vasopressin, and has a scientific basis for the treatment of coronary heart disease and angina pectoris.

4.Polysaccharide inhibits platelet aggregation and inhibits thrombus formation; it can also promote the differentiation and proliferation of various blood cells and promote hematopoietic function.

5.It has the effect of promoting DNA synthesis.

6.Experiments have shown that Epimedium has the effect of promoting the synthesis of DNA in bone marrow cells, has a "bone-filling" effect, and has a good control effect on osteoporosis.

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Epimedium extract is a common Chinese herbal medicine. It has a very high medicinal value. It belongs to a natural plant Chinese medicine. It can be processed and refined into medicines. It can promote human hormones and has the effect of prostitution. It can directly stimulate the nerves of the human body, so that the body can be excited and libido, and it can also play the role of lifting the anus, and has little side effect on the body.

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