Food Thickeners

Food thickeners generally refer to macromolecular substances that can be dissolved in water and fully hydrated under certain conditions to form a viscous, slippery or jelly liquid, also known as food glue. It is an important food additive widely used in the food industry and is used as a gelling agent, thickener, emulsifier, film former, water-holding agent, adhesive, suspending agent, crystal inhibitor. Foam stabilizers, lubricants, etc.
The amount of food thickener that needs to be added in food is very small, usually a few parts, but it can effectively and economically improve the stability of the food system. Most of its chemical components are natural polysaccharides and their hygiene (except that gelatin is composed of amino acids), which are widely distributed in nature.
Food thickeners play an important role in maintaining the color, aroma, taste, structure and stability of fluid foods and jelly foods.
In foods, thickeners mainly impart the rheological properties required for foods, change the texture and appearance of foods, form liquid and paste-like foods into specific forms, and make them stable and uniform, and improve food quality so that foods have Sticky and palatable feeling.
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