Cosmetic Raw Material

Cosmetics are compounded mixtures of various raw materials that have been rationally formulated. Cosmetics come in a wide variety of raw materials and properties. According to the raw material properties and uses of cosmetics, it can be roughly divided into two major categories: matrix materials and auxiliary materials. The former is a kind of main raw material of cosmetics, and it occupies a large proportion in the cosmetic formula, and is a substance that plays a main function in cosmetics. The latter acts on the formation, stabilization or imparting of colour, aroma and other properties of the cosmetic, which are not very useful in cosmetic formulations but are extremely important. Cosmetics are chemical mixtures that are processed by natural, synthetic or extracted various substances as raw materials and processed by heating, stirring and emulsification.
The main raw materials for cosmetics are usually divided into general matrix materials and natural additives.
Cosmetic ingredients include:
The oily raw material is the most widely used raw material for cosmetics. It plays a role in protecting, moisturizing and softening the skin in skin care products, and plays a role in shaping and hairdressing in hair products.
Surfactant, which can reduce the surface tension of water, has the functions of decontamination, wetting, dispersing, foaming, emulsifying, thickening, etc. It is known as industrial monosodium glutamate; moisturizing agent is an essential raw material for cream cosmetics. Its function is to prevent the dry body from cracking and keep the skin moisture; preservatives and antioxidants, inhibit the growth of microorganisms during the shelf life of cosmetics and during the use of consumers; spices, increase the fragrance of cosmetics and increase the value of products.
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